"The flavor is bright without being mouth-numbing, with a zing that will widen your eyes but not make them water. You may feel the need to put it on fried rice, scrambled eggs, tacos, avocado toast — even potato chips. Could this be the new Sriracha? Maybe so."


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By far the best sauce out there, zero fish taste!

five stars


This by far the best sauce out there. I was lucky enough to meet the guy that made this sauce and personally thank him. You will not be disappointed when you put this sauce on your food. It goes GREAT on a breakfast burrito, your eggs, tacos and more! I bought this one to send to my nephew because the 2 I purchased from the vendor, I decided to keep the second one for myself; should have bought 3 at the time, lol. This sauce has excellent taste and if you are worried about it being a "fish" sauce, don't be. I don't like the taste of fish and this sauce has no fish taste to it, just a real good kick!

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Seriously Delicious

five stars

By Jem L.

We met the creator at a local Filipino Food festival, where we were given a free sample. We loved the sample so much that we wanted to purchase a bottle, but it took me a few months to actually remember to come back and pick one up.

I'm SO glad that I did! It's super flavorful but it's also still got a kick to it. It's rare that hot sauces have a great combination of both flavor and spice, but this one is phenomenal. It's definitely spicy, but it manages it without sacrificing any of the flavor. Going to be a staple in my kitchen from here on out.

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More Than Just For Asian Food

five stars

By Janet

I have different hot sauces for different types of food, and this is definitely one to add to your hot sauce collection. It's different from sriracha and what's good about it is that it goes well with different types of food, not just Asian. It has a surprisingly spicy kick to it and is very different (in a good way) from the other popular hot sauces out there like Sriracha, Tabasco, Tapatio. It goes well with all Asian food of course and I'm still trying it out with different foods. My favorite ways to use it right now:

- mix w/ketchup to make a spicy dip for my french fries

- great with all grilled or roasted meats (ie rotisserie chicken, grilled meat, etc.)

- fried foods, my favorite is with fried chicken and fried dumplings

- mexican food (taco, burrito, sope, quesadilla)

- vietnamese and thai food, especially spring rolls

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Great Tasting, Flavorful For Any Food

five stars

By Amir K.

Bought this from the creator at a local festival where he had a booth. Loved it so much I had to come on and leave a review here for any potential new customers.

This hotsauce is amazing. i'd say its mildly more spicy than sriracha but has a wildly different flavor. it goes great on salmon tacos, chips, and breakfast burritos.

Highly recommend!



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Great Taste

five stars

By Magana F.

We tried some at the strawberry festival in Oxnard on 05/18/19 and my wife and I loved it, great taste not hot or fire at all for my Mexican taste buds I would if normally said thank you and walked away but; it has a great taste that you can really enjoy, we pick up 4 bottle of the product and I know we will enjoy it in are tacos or chili verde.

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This Sauce is Delicious!!!!

five stars

By Ryan S.

This sauce is DELICIOUS!!!! I'm a Sriracha addict but this [Lan Prik] is winning me over. I find my self reaching for it more and more. I use it as a dipping sauce and a marinade mostly but I'm the next thing I'm going to use it for is and add in for a spicy salad dressing. I cook a ton so this versatile marinade has fetched compliments on bbq'd shrimp skewers, grilled chicken, and carne asada tacos. I pretty much can use this for any meat and as a dipping sauce for anything you dip! Tonight I'll be mixing some in to my buffalo wing sauce/glaze. Kudo's to whoever made this stuff, I just hope they make it in bulk in the future!!

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Versatile Sauce

five stars

By Will W.

I don't usually write reviews on Facebook but I order a lot of hot sauces (you should see my fridge door) and this is by far one of the most versatile sauces in my collection. Strong, punchy flavor with just the right amount of bite. I just wish I could get it in a bigger bottle. I will definitely be back for more. Keep up the good work!

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My Secret Ingredient

five stars

By Joe C.

I rarely write reviews. However, I have to hand it to the team at [Lan Prik]. The guy I met at the OC BrewFest 2017 said he would see me to purchase again... Here I am. Ready to buy more... lol

I cook all the time and [Lan Prik] has become my secret ingredient. Perfect on fish, burritos, soups, etc. pretty much everything... Also I like their story... check them out.